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Name : Anil Chaudhry

Profession: Painting, Photography and Film Making.

DOB: 11th January, 1946.

Home Town : Delhi. (India)

Anil Chaudhry is a passionate creative artist whether it be painting, photography and film making. Educated and trained in India and USA in multiple disciplines of Art, he has served a number of institutions and organisations at home and abroad. He plunged into the world of art in 1972 after relinquishing his commission in Border Security Force and joined Bishop Cotton School, Shimla. As a promising Art Educator and Artist he joined the Federal Ministry of Education, Nigeria in 1975 and remained their till 1985.

During the span of four years during 1972 and 1975, he held solo shows of paintings and participated in group displays, the National Exhibition of Art in 1973 being the most important one. Winning the best painter of the year award in 1974 at UP Lalit Kala Academy's Annual Exhibition, he was patronized by the National Gallery of Modern Art in 1975 for his work, 'HARMONIOUS MADNESS', a landmark in the evolution of the style in which he paints till today. Later, he had a credible pictorial mention in FOUR DECADES OF ART OF UTTAR PRADESH, an anthology showing his painting, 'VALLEY BLEEDS UNTO ME'.

In 2005 he had decided to shift in Mumbai. Years slipped by and Anil withdrew from everything connected with painting including teaching art. Instead, he choose to join as a graduate student at Columbia College, Hollywood in Film and Television Production and passed with flying colours. He received the Governor's Roll of Honor and President's grant for producing and directing a commercial, 'Alcoholic Anonymous'.

In 1990 he came back to India and chose to explore the world of documentary films in Himachal Pradesh as an independent film maker, resisting the lure of Bollywood. Perhaps, it was an idealistic error of judgment. A compulsive love for painting that has been dormant for so long reawakened and directed him to attend two artist's camps and become a part of three group exhibitions of paintings including the All India Exhibition - 1997 Shimla.

Currently Shri Anil Chaudhry is residing in Delhi and serving the art community with his creative instincts in the form of his paintings. Original ideas always remain original…..infact time immemorial.