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Brand Managment

Brand Launches

Brand launch is very similar to product launch and the best method we have chosen for that is marketing communication or visibility. We provide your brand with maximum visibility-be it direct contact with target market, point-of-purchase display or a good distribution push. Any point of interaction with the Brand we capitalize through all mediums of marketing communication.

To get your product the correct response and get your brand ahead of competition product launching stage is very important since it creates the lasting first impression on your target audience’s mind.

To give to your product and Brand the correct exposure we follow these practices:

  • Market Research: We test market your product/ Service to acquire a correct positioning for the product and service launch.
  • Develop and Design collaterals in sync with your target audience.
  • Lining up and preparing spokespeople
  • Developing a product/service launch announcement strategy
  • Plan events and promotions around Pre-Launch, Launch and post launch activity
  • Collect customer feedback on activities and submit the information back into the system for further improvement of the launch strategy