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Do you want to organize a CONFRENCE, SEMINAR, RECEPTION, CORPORATIVE EVENTS, SHOW OR PRESENTATION of your products/services? Or have you are planning to provide your best employees INCENTIVES or REWARDS?

" yes , I do" No problem! relax!

Creative junction will make your life easier.

  • The best conference facilities, beautiful villas and apartments, equipments and professional staff are at your disposition.
  • We make sure that your message will be delivered to the right audience and your goals will be accomplished.
  • We develop programs that will get your employees motivated and energiesed and will be adapted to the culture and philosophy of your company.

Corporate Events

Whatever your business objectives, with Corporate Events it will turn into a successful event. An event that engages the audience, communicates your messages, raises your business profile and, importantly, ties in with your overall communications strategy. We get results because we care just as much.


Academic Events

Creative Junction offers a wide array of conferences, lectures and programs that enhance intellectual engagement among students and faculty, and inform the broader community of educators and scholars, civic and business leaders.

Events to promote new knowledge and advance teaching, learning, research and business practice having focus largely on our four strategic domains: Arts and Sciences, Business and Information Technology, Ethics and Social Responsibility, and Global Commerce and Culture.


Lifestyle Events

Lifestyle event can get making or find and organize anything you need and any way you want on because Creative Junction enjoys exclusive tie ups in various regions.

Event planning and organizing Complementary services for such events having exclusive programs like Lifestyle services and Friend's advises require specific professional skills.


Festival Events

India's plentiful religions and traditions guarantee that there's always an occasion for celebration. The color and splendor of festivals and events in India are incredible, so don't pass up the opportunity to attend one if you have the chance. Creative Junction professionally caters the requirements for organizing multiethnic festival events within your budgetary conditions.