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Brand Managment

Product Communication

Public Relations activities and product PR communication play a unique role in building trust in the brand, involving third parties – “advocates“ in brand communication, creating long-term relations with consumers or expanding and enriching consumers' experiences with the brand. In today's highly competitive environment, it is not possible to rely on advertising alone when creating brands and supporting products. PR and product communication thus play a key role in developing a brand as a part of the customers' lifestyle and life experiences.

In this new context, caring for the brand as an isolated phenomenon defined only by its visual and verbal image no longer brings results. In the new paradigm, the brand includes, apart from advertising and product appearance, reports in the media, external marketing and events related to the brand, website presentation and the manufacturer's or service provider’s overall image. Only Public Relations and product communication can effectively support a number of these brand elements.

We assist the clients in forming an effective brand development strategy including development of personality, building a platform and designing an identity for a brand. Brand presentation and maintenance are also covered.

A glimpse of Product Communication services being offered by the Creative Junction is provided as below:

  • A. Creation of events for customers and consumers
    • Nonrecurring events for consumers
    • Long-term campaigns across a geographical area
    • Specialised events, i.e., conferences and seminars, etc.
    • Sales presentation for customers
    • Social events for customers and business partners
  • B. Media Relations
    • Preparation of topics and stories for the media
    • Events for journalists within the framework of trade fairs and conferences
    • Press Trips
  • C. Website presentation and online events
    • Webinars
    • Slide Shows
    • Dynamic Corporate Profile Shows