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About Us


Creative Junction is a confluence of creative abilities and a platform to identify, develop, nurture, promote and show case creativity in all forms. It’s a Junction for ingenious development, where imaginative ideas are brewed and served fresh through diverse means such as production, promotion and events. We aim to provide originative solutions through integrated marketing and communication channels to put our client's name as well as client's brand in strategic advantage in the industry. We act as consultants to our client by understanding what they need and by determining the best marketing mix for them. We believe in adding value and building relationships.

This is the place to realize the true potential of your Brand and You. We provide you with information, the right techniques and methodologies to promote and nurture your Brand and yourself in this highly competitive market and rise above the clutter through market research, forward looking thinking with structured and cost efficient approach. Creative Junction was formed in the month of December 2009 by a group of like minded individuals and experts in their respective fields who dreamt of being the harbingers of the creative development of the society. “Creativity for Creativity sake” is what we believe in. Creativity which is not restricted by the paradigms of society or even restrained by the realms of our imagination- the “out of the box” creativity which fits your requirement like hand in glove.

We have alliances with more than one recording studios, directors, writers, technicians, event vendors to suit our clients’ needs and feasibility requirements. Hence, the client can rely on us with bulk requirements to be delivered in the shortest turn around time in the most cost effective way. Our endeavor is to participate and contribute towards all those activities and programs that aim at promoting creativity in all its expressions. We venture to provide a good environment for growth and development of creativity.